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In the frame of Art Basel Hong Kong Insights 2016, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is delighted to present a thematic exhibition with “New Geometrical Abstraction” featuring 4 young Chinese artists: Pan Xiaorong, Qian Jiahua, Wang Yi,and Zhang Xuerui. In the 1980’s, Ding Yi opened the way for a new kind of abstraction with “-“ and “+” as its two recurring motifs thereby creating symbols for a new order, free from any political or historical reference, thus differentiating himself from the “cynical realism” or "pop political" then prevalent in Chinese contemporary art. Pan Xiaorong(1985), Qian Jianhua(1987), as well as Wang Yi (1991) and Zhang Xuerui (1979) follow this quest for structure, space, line and repetitions by combining western references with Chinese elements. Pan Xiaorong uses ink to cover cardboards that are previously cut in straight lines while Qian Jiahua uses large colour forms to create a space within the canvas, to search for balance within irregular lines.The chromatic combinations on which Wang Yi applies a layer of silicone give a sense of depth and movement to his geometrical compositions. Zhang Xuerui takes her inspiration from the repetitive architecture of her childhood to create subtle colour grids. The exhibition seeks to be a snapshot of this new movement spearheaded by younger artists less preoccupied by political concerns and more by a quest for a new esthetic language.