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Barthélémy Toguo | Fragile Body

    Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is pleased to present “Fragile Body”, a solo exhibition of Barthélémy Toguo. The show will open on October 28th and close on December 31th 2017. This is the first solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery following a dual show with Chinese artist Guo Wei in 2010. Curated by Zhu Zhu, the show will include ceramics produced by Barthelemy Toguo in Jingdezhen as well as a group of works on paper. The exhibition will last until December 31th. "Obviously, the graphic aspect of Toguo’s works is not that of an esoteric or convoluted artist; instead, they keep a certain kind of passion that can change direction at any time and a configuration of their concept meant to make them carry a distinct impression of tension, without being limited to the visual graft of a slogan, a news report or a declaration of war. In “Fragile Bodies”, the choice of of ceramics itself spells out part of the idea; he places his own portrait on top of the vases’ aperture, thus underlining that it has become a personal emotion in his dreams, simultaneously pointing out that the actual environment of today’s world squeezes every paltry, limited and ephemeral living thing like the aperture of a vase, enclosing every individual body inside it." ——Zhu Zhu