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Lu Chao | Black Light
Posted by : admin tags : Exhibition
Galerie Nathalie Obadia, in collaboration with Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, is delighted to exhibit Lu Chao's first solo show “Black Light” in France. Lu Chao first made a name for himself with his "crowd" series, of which the most recent works are presented in this exhibition. Whether it be a large black circle, a spatula, a piece of cake or an extensive grid, in a few rapidly executed strokes, the artist consistently portrays a crowd and interrogates the relationship between the individual and his surroundings. Lu Chao’s focus on the dominant power of the crowd comes from the artist’s own experience commuting by bus and metro while growing up in China. Since moving to London a few years ago, the rare presence of crowds similar to those in China has gradually shifted the artist’s attention to the individuals making up the crowds. As the artist’s first exhibition in France, this exhibition is also a moment for discovery. Many pieces in the exhibition reveal surprises and associations that completely differ from the aforementioned «crowd» series.The "Black Mirror" series (2015) for example draws inspiration from traditional European decorative arts, while others, such as the "Suspension" series (2015-2016), allure a transcending tranquility, floating under “the unbearable lightness of being”. Moreover, his works could even bring out Modernist evocations, such as "Try to Draw Two Same Face" (2015)’s reminiscence of pop art and "Shell" (2013) or "Man on Wire" (2015)’s reference to Abstract Expressionist masters, such as Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. The blending of Chinese and Western cultures, of the traditional and the contemporary, is predominant in all of Lu Chao's works. Meanwhile, the artist insists that such a fusion happens naturally, beyond any active pictorial and visual reassembling. The artist's first French exhibition is therefore here to challenge a stereotyped reading of an artist's work that is solely based on cultural origin. Lu Chao aims to show a new generation of artists living in a global context, both in terms of space and temporality, and, as stated by Lu Chao's professor and famous Chinese realist painter, Liu Xiaodong ; a much more “liberated and sophisticated” tendency in Contemporary Art.