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Hadrien de Montferrand

Hadrien de Montferrand has long served as a bridge between the Art worlds of China and Europe. His more than twelve years at various auction houses and Art institutions included roles as marketing director for ARTCURIAL, France's largest auction house, and for the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Hadrien has lived and worked in China for more than seven years.

His passion for works of Art on paper stems from their affordability, honesty and lack of pretense. "You cannot lie with a drawing," says Hadrien. "It is either good or it is bad."

Laurent Dassault

An entrepreneur to the core, Laurent Dassault helped to found Arqana, continental Europe's leading auction house for horses, in 2006. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to his charitable activities as well. Laurent serves as the administrator of the "Friends of Pompidou Museum's Association" in Paris, and heads the development committee for the auction house ARTCURIAL.

Himself an Art collector, Laurent has expressed great support for Hadrien’s initiative in China. "When an economic zone develops, creativity always follows," he argues. "China’s artists are the 21st century’s great creators. It's a pleasure to be a part of this ambitious and thoroughly original project."